Bitchy, bratty, spoiled, tattooed. I'm the product of wealthy parents who made the mistake of over-educating a bitchy Jewish princess who always knew she was better than everyone else. 


Celebrity Domme, author, fetish model, sex educator, and lifestyle consultant, I am well known in the world of real time and online domination.  Interviewed for VICE UK, 20 Minutes Switzerland, and other media, I am  the leading expert on using high tech devices to control and dominate my subs and slaves.


I spent high school manipulating grown men into buying me pretty things before I broke their hearts. I've always been smarter and better than everyone, I graduate high school early, and went on to get my Masters Degree from a prestigious California University by 25.


But no matter how educated I got I never stopped loving taking things from boys and hurting them in the process. I love watching their pain as I take everything from them the way I have always been ENTITLED to. I used their money to buy a shoe collection, tattoo my entire body, and bring myself even closer to bimbo perfection!


I used to work for a living (HAH!) thinking I had to make my mark in the world, before I realized that I could simply just take what I wanted when I wanted. When I worked I was a game tester in the high-tech industry and a technical project manager, skills that have led me to be able to effectively dominate my slaves technologically. I also worked for several years as a PAID model for local San Francisco companies as well as web TV, and BDSM videos. I'm the FIRST and ONLY Techdomme, if you don't believe me try a Google search. I'm also a PUBLISHED author, go ahead, buy my fucking book and tribute to my EMPIRE you worthless loser. 


I know the only TRUE way to degrade and humiliate you is through your wallet! Pain from a physical D/s session is fleeting and temporary, bruises heal over, but the cash I take from you injures your dignity and self respect forever. I love to take every last dime from fans and slaves. As I make you sell your possessions to fund my greed even the wealthiest of my slaves end up begging me to take everything they have…before they beg me to stop!  



Harley Likes

Harley's Stats

​Height:  6'
Hair Color   Red
Eye Color  Hazel

38" 26" 38"  (US)
Dress size  6 US

Cup size: 30 i
Shoe size  8.5 US

Favorite Color: Pink



Erotica written about Mistress Harley by her slaves. Some stories are based on real sessions, others are based on fantasy. Come step into my erotic world of Submission

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So many sissies ask me advice or ask me for Sissy training, well here is your REQUIRED reading fags! If you want to be my Sissy slave you MUST read this book. If you want to be a better sissy you MUST read this book. Read this fucking book, loser. 

The Harley Bible is your guide to service and devotion to your ONLY true Goddess: Harley.


Learn how to devote yourself to hear, feed your obsession, and join the growing relgious empire of Female Superiority. 

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