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I love participating in performances, meeting my fans, doing appearances and teaching classes. I ONLY meet in public places. You can meet me, chat with me for a little while, take me shopping, for a manicure/ pedicure, or just to give me your cash. 


Meeting me and Public Appearances 
Location: Los Angeles, Hollywood or locations I'm visiting.

All Bookings Require a 50% Deposit. No Exceptions. 


I do accept FILM slaves. FILM SLAVES are required to:

1. Pay for the session (no exceptions)

2. Sign a model release 

3. Provide a LEGAL ID for 2257 record keeping compliance.




See my Class at 
DomCon Los Angeles
High Tech Domination Class
None currently scheduled

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Previous Apperances

Keynote Speaker
ACTLab 2019
Austin, TX
June 28-29

Meet Mistress Harley

  • Cash Point Meet:                        $200 deposit via website, minimum $250 cash (5 -20 minutes)

  • Shopping:                                    $250 deposit, minimum $500 budget

  • Panty Drop                                 $500

  • Lunch with Harley                   $1000

  • Dinner with Harley                 $1500

  • Sissy Training 

  • Sissy Shopping                         $1000

  • Public Sissy Humiliation         $1000

Public Humiliation

Dog Leash & Collar Walk               $1000

Public Boot Worship/ Cleaning     $1000


  • Dinner for Mistress & Hubby  $1500

  • Live Cuck Session                      $2000

Private Dungeon Sessions

(FILMED, you MAY wear a mask. No exceptions)

  • 1 hour                                     $3000


  • Sponsor to US City                  $5000

  • Sponsor International           $15000



1. What WON'T Mistress Harley Do?

A: Mistress Harley is a celebrity and will NOT meet you in private unless for a filmed dungeon session with a film crew. I only meet fans in public, period. You may request to be kept anonymous and not filmed or photographed when you meet me in public. 

2. How can I apply to be a film slave?

A: I do accept participants for video filming (ie: "film slave"). To appear in a Mistress Harley video you will be required to pay an appearance fee (usually $1000 depending on the film subject). You will be required to sign a model release and provide legal photo ID to fulfill legal 2257 record keeping requirements. Your information WILL BE KEPT PRIVATE unless you specifically waive those rights. These are legal requirements only and not part of any other arrangements.

If we are doing a PUBLIC meet you may request NOT to be filmed. 


3. What do I get if I meet you?

A: The pleasure of meeting me. My appearance fee doesn't provide any services, goods, or considerations to you beyond my appearance at an agreed place and time in a public location. There is NEVER any sex or physical contact that is included  in meeting me. 

4. Where can I meet you?

A: I live in Los Angeles and usually like to meet fans in the Beverly Hills area. We can meet at the Four Seasons and have a cocktail, or at a restaurant, bar, mall, or salon that I like. I always choose the location, and we can agree on a time.  

5. How do private dungeon sessions work?

A: You pay 50% deposit for the session fee. After receiving your fee I will book the dungeon for our time. I will provide the space and location. The session WILL be filmed. You may wear a mask or disguise so that you remain anonymous. Filming is NOT optional. You will be required to sign a model release and provide a PHOTO ID to prove that you are over age 18. This information will be kept private and will never be used for any type of information control play unless you specifically request such action. As a reminder NO SEX is  ever part of a dungeon session. 

6. I want to meet you for lunch / dinner, how does  it work?

A: You pay the fee to meet me for lunch or dinner, and you pay for the meal. The meal lasts as long as it lasts. At nicer restaurants that can be up to 90 minutes. 

7. What is included when I book you for an EVENT escort?

A: Events are typically conventions, meetings, or parties that happen in a fully public place. I will never ever meet you in private. This kind  of escorting has nothing to do with sex or sexual activity. All you get is the pleasure of my company for an event and getting the pleasure of being SEEN  with me. 

8. Can I book a  pegging session with you?

A: No! Mistress Harley doesn't have sex of ANY KIND with clients, and that includes her penetrating you. Mistress Harley is NOT a prostitute and does not allow any sex with clients. 

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