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Dommes: Got a Question?

Want to collaborate? Team up? Need a slave locked down? Want to learn Teamviewer? Have a question? 


Lockdown Service, Techdomme® Training, & Consulting Services

Lockdown Service: I use computer control to lockdown your slave's computer and hand you everything you need to control him!

Techdomme® Training: I have 3 levels of training for beginners or advanced technology users. Learn how to control your slaves with high tech devices!

Consulting: Do you want to learn how to be a Financial Dominatrix? Learn to be a Findom from the best! I love helping new ladies learn the business and learn how to make huge amounts of MONEY! Do a 1 hour consult with me to learn how to be a Findom or Prodomme.



I love promoting new Dommes! For $50 I will do a promo tweet for you, for  $100 I will do a promo tweet for you 1x weekly for 1 month. Other promotion options available! I have over 25,000 followers on twitter with 1.3 impressions over a 28 day period. Don't pay some LOSER RT  account to promote you when you can get advertising with a someone with a huge active audience.


Business Consult for Dommes

1 Hour Consult                      $150

Twitter Promotion for Dommes

1 Promo Tweet                       $50

1x weekly tweet x4 weeks  $100

Computer LOCKDOWN for a slave, total control is given to your Mistress

Slave Computer Control for another Domme          $150

High Tech Domination Class Video                                  $100

Techdomme® Level 1      $300

Techdomme® Level 2      $600

Techdomme® Level 3      $800


Take my Class on High
Tech Domination. Recorded at DomCon 2018

Want to lockdown your slave's computer? Not overly tech savvy? Let a Tech-domme do the work for you


I love working with other dommes and dominants in the world of Finanical Domination and control. One of my favorite things to do is help you with your slaves when you may not have the background to rape their computers properly for your blackmail, orgasm control, or reprogramming purposes. 


WHY should you send your slave to Harley for Lockdown?

You need access to your slaves computer. You want to block or allow your slave to view or use specific websites. You want control over what programs your slave can use on his/her computer. You want to know EXACTLY what your slave types in his/her email, banking, social networks. You want ALL the passwords your slave uses for his/her personal online life. I can give it to you. 



What do you get?

I will lockdown your slave within the requirements you specify using Teamviewer. I will set up his/her system so that you can use and access it, but don't have to go through the trouble of installing software, setting up access, or figuring out problems with software interacation.


After I am finished locking down your slave's computer I will give you ALL of the passwords you need to access all the parental/ administrative controls, as well as set you up to be able to change/ alter settings in the future. One of my favorite things to do is blackmail slaves and force them to pay for privilages on thier own computers! 


I remain available to you for questions/ technical support. I will go back onto your slave's computer 1 more time FREE if you need me adjust settings for you/ walk you through some of the settings. 


What do I get?

Your SLAVE tributes for my time ($100) this is non-negotiable and is required BEFORE I will connect to the slave's computer. You pay instruct your slave to pay me the session fee on the PAY ME page. The session is 100% free to the Domme, ONLY THE SLAVE pays for my time. When we are done I hand over all the slave's information to you to control, blackmail, or use as you and your submissive have negotiated.




I know lots of Dommes want to learn how to use Teamviewer and other tech to take over, or destroy a slave's computer. I love teaching! But come on, I'm giving away my MONEY when I tell you how to control a slave. So let's compromise. Make sure you have at LEAST an hour for each training session. Technical difficulties with software installs can make these sessions run longer.


Become Techdomme Certified- Level 1: $300 

1 Session

Make a slave pay, or pay yourself. This course will give you an extensive teamviewer training course and practice session with my computer. I will teach you how to take over a PC and give you copies of the .exe control files I use when I take over a slave's PC. 

In this session I cover the following topics:

1. We will do an introduction to the teamviewer software itself so you understand all the functions, and specifically which ones you will want to capitalize on during your sessions.

2. I will do a "trial" session with you, where I show you how to lock down a computer. We will voice chat via the teamviewer software so we can discuss potential issues, and you can ask questions.

3. I will install some control software and show you how to use them, and provide copies of those files for your use. 

4. I will UNDO all the changes, so you know how to do that too (often slaves will want to purchase their way out of bondage, so you need to know how to do that too). 

5. We will discuss potential problems and issues with operating systems/ different computers/ and software compatibility.


Techdomme Certification- Level 2: $600 

2 Sessions

The first session of this course includes ALL LEVEL 1 TRAINING.

The second session takes place on MY computer where I train you on running a lockdown first hand.

In session 2 I cover the following topics:

1. I run you through a complete lockdown of my computer, showing you how to control and cripple the computer you are working on. You will get to run an actual lockdown on my machine and ask questions, discuss the process while we do it.

2. You will learn how to unlock my computer and revert all changes so that when your slaves buy out of lockdown you can restore their machines.

3. I will show you tips and tricks on how to snoop through someone's files & find their sensitive information.


Techdomme Certification- Level 3: $800

3 Sessions

Includes ALL of Level 1 and Level 2 training.

In session 3 I cover the following topics:

1. How to build your business, grow your brand, and avoid legal issues.

2. A lockdown session on your slave's computer where we can run a lockdown together. This is good experience for double-domme sessions or just offer an opportunity to practice your lockdown skills with me as your lifeline and on point to answer any questions you might have.

3. You will have permission to use my trademark "Techdomme" by advertising yourself as "Techdomme Certified".

4. I will be your Mistress Tech Support by answering your emails with questions you have or advice in your ongoing growth in your business and your tech skills.



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