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Chastity Training and Keyholding with Mistress Harley




Mistress Harley knows how to train your dick for chastity. There are lots of different reasons to wear a chastity device. Maybe you want to shrink your dick down to a nub. Maybe you know that you're only well behaved when it's locked up and you're focused on pleasing ME. No matter what your reasons I know how to keep it LOCKED! 

I can help you pick a short or long term chastity device.

Help you work on your chastity goals. 

Use chastity to motivate you in many areas of your life: lose weight, do better at work, finish more projects.

A male in chastity is one who is focused on his Mistress.

You will be expected to show me PROOF that you are still locked with random checks. 

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You can get plastic numbered locks from me, send me your keys, get a lock from me (I send you the lock only and keep the keys) or use a device like the Cellmate. 

I send you the lockbox with the keys pre-locked inside. The lock will be with the box so you can lock yourself in. The lockbox can only be opened when I provide you with the code! 

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1. How can you be my Keyholder if we live far away from eachother?

Thanks to long distance technology there are MANY ways for me to hold your keys including lock boxes and low tech methods that we can discuss. 


2. Will my dick really shrink in Chastity?

Just like any muscle, if you restrict it's use it will atrophy over time. 


3. What is the best chastity device?

The CB6000 is a great starter cage but long term chastity enthusiasts or people with non conforming genitals tend to get a custom device. 

4. What do I have to do to get unlocked?

Each relationship is different and each person has different goals with chastity. Once you have paid for me to hold your key we can discuss the terms of keyholding such as the duration of our arrangement, and if there is the possibility of no release. 

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