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Mistress Harley is more than a Dominatrix, she's also a musician! Her albums reflect her experiences and the wild lifestyle she lives. Mistress Harley also uses music to explore different forms of artistic expression by playing with genres and techniques to bring her unique point of view to the listener, her devotees, and the worlds. 

Mistress Harley knows her fans crave more ways to worship and consume her content, and she believes that making music is a way to mainstream her message of Female Supremacy and deliver this important gospel to new fans who may not even be able to articulate their own desires.

Mistress Harley knows that women need role models like her. She believes that the ultimate goal of feminism is to dominate in every space that have traditionally been the realm of men. That shamelessly profiting from males and their obsessions is the only way to right the scales of justice for women everywhere. 
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