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Data Domination® & Computer Control Lockdown

by the only Techdomme



During a computer control session I use computer remote control software like Teamviewer, Logmein, or other programs to come into your computer. Using remote control software I can change your settings, take admin control, give you a child's account, install web filters and so much more. Tell me your fantasy, and we'll play. 

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Computer Control is a REAL LIFE way to play with me from afar! 

Read the FAQS for more information on what a computer control session entails, what we can do, and how I do it. 



 I can lock you out of your porn, your user account, your social media accounts, and control your life. Just for a session or for months, or even forever.



We can play a wheel of misfortue game on my site or I can make a custom game just for you. Let me use fate to decide how to use your fetishes and weaknesses to torment and tease you into lustful submission. 



I can snoop through your files, look at all your dirty photos, steal all your personal information, and use it to exploit you. 



I can use our teamviewer session to drain your accounts using a variety of payment methods. I also love online shopping on my wishlist or other websites. YES, you still have to pay for the session first.


I can turn the cam on your computer and watch you obey me, while I snolop through your files and humiliate you, or maybe I'll turn you into my cam whore and force you to pimp yourself out on cam until I'm satisfied enough to unlock you.


By submitting your personal information and online accounts to me I will control them for you. I can control anything from your Facebook account to your Bank Account and everything in between. I can do short term data domination for just a session, or control your accounts long term for my pleasure.

Computer Control (Single Session) $75

Long Term Computer Control $100

Data Domination (Single Session)   ($75)

Data Domination (Long Term)    ($100)

Phone Control Session  ($100)

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1. What is a Computer Control session?

A computer control session is where I use a remote control program such as Teamviewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, TightVNC, Remote Desktop Connection, or any other remote control program to take control of your computer. The degree of control I take over your computer, how deep I snoop into your files, or how many of your personal items I steal or delete will depend on our PRE-NEGOTIATION for the session and your specific desires and limits that we discuss. 


2. What is computer lockdown? 

 Computer lockdown is where I take control of your computer. After you download the software you would like to use for our session, you give me the login information and I join you on your computer. Then I go about taking admin permissions and creating my own profile on your machine. I install all kinds of software on your machine including keyloggers, screenshot captures, and a variety of other spyware that will allow me to keep tabs on you and what you are doing at all times. For many slaves I set parental controls so they can not use certain applications or visit certain websites without my express personal permission. No more porn unless I say so, no more privacy, no more anything. If you are a sissy I may use my lockdown to force you to dress in girly clothing or suck cocks. If you love blackmail I may gather all your personal information and put it in a file. If you are into being exposed I will put you on cam and tell my followers on twitter to come watch me humiliate you. No matter what your fetish is I will have you at my mercy, with no choice but to obey my demands until I release your computer. 


**NOTE** I always respect pre-negotiated limits. It is 100% fine to tell me that you do not wish to involve blackmail, being on cam,bank account information, or any other aspect of play. I make a point of maintaining professionalism and not violating your boundaries or limits.  


3. What does the session entail? 

Before we begin we discuss your fetishes, interests, and limits. I will use this intial talk to tailor the session to of course entertain myself while I use your weaknesses to control you. You MUST let me know in advance what your limits are. 


When I take control your computer becomes mine. I can log into your accounts, collect personal information like photographs, logins, social media information, and any other information I may want to use for CONSENSUAL fantasy blackmail play.  I will lock down your computer and filter your websites so you can only access what I desire you to access. Each teamviewer session is a MINIMUM $75 tribute for my time and attention. After lockdown you may be extorted more and more for whatever permissions you may want including things like answering your emails, watching porn, or visiting your favorite social media sites. 


Sometimes sessions can include humiliation, degradation, chastity, consensual fantasy blackmail, cam-to-cam, ignore cam, or a variety of other arrangements depending on your deep dark fantasies. If you ask for LOCKDOWN you will get exactly what I describe above.  If you specifically want to include an aspect like humiliation, blackmail, DURING teamviewer sessions you need to communicate that to me when we  begin. 

5. Is Voice/ Phone/ Cam included in a teamviewer or data-domination session?

No, you may call me WHILE we are doing the session via sextpanther but computer control takes focus so this is not typically part of a control session. I will text-chat with you using the teamviewer UI or skype while we are doing the session to communicate with you. 


5. How do you block my programs? 

I use standard parental control software, web-filtering software, built in software that is part of your OS (Micosoft, etc.). I reserve the right to NOT tell you all the of the tools I use so that you can't disobey me. 


6. Is this permanent and ongoing slavery? 

The point of lockdown is that you no longer have control over your machine. If you want a SINGLE session (where you are unlocked at the end of the session) of abuse that is fine, however I much prefer to drain slaves on an ongoing basis. I have had some computer control slaves enjoy my attention for over a year while I kept them in lockdown. 


7. How do I get unlocked? 

If you no longer want my ongoing attentions or you want me to remove you from lockdown entirely the buy-out is $200.00 payable via ANY session method on the PAY page HERE. This buy out is to secure your freedom as well as for me to remove any software I've installed and restore admin permissions. 


8. What if I decide not to pay you at all? 

Then your computer is most likely fucked. I've had slaves who did not obey tell me that it cost them anywhere from $100- $300 to get their computers unlocked by professionals, and even then there were things they couldn't access or use :) Additionally I will use whatever personal information I've gathered against you if you have engaged in consentual blackmail with me. 


9. Why won't you take your tribute from my computer? A real domme knows how to lock me down and MAKE me pay!

No matter how good I am I can't stop you from pushing the physical power button on your machine. Too many submissives request this and then disconnect the software or shut down their computer at the last minute, which is disrespectful, and a waste of my time. Additionally just because I have control of your computer doesn't mean that you HAVE ANY MONEY! You're probably broke and don't even have any cash for me to take. YOU PAY TO PLAY. No exceptions. Arguing is just a waste of my time. 


If you agree to consentual blackmail with me I may gather your banking or credit card information so that in FUTURE sessions I CAN take my own tributes if I so desire. However I MUCH PREFER you just send me my money. The Queen doesn't go visit every slave's hovel to collect what she is due. A good slave just obeys and sends the queen his tributes.


10. Do you accept Amazon Gift Cards for computer control sessions? How about Niteflirt or other tribute options?

You may NOT TRIBUTE for computer control sessions via Niteflirt. You may not contact me about these sessions via Niteflirt. They have a strict policy against computer control which is why I DO NOT advertise comuputer control on Niteflirt. If you contact me on Niteflirt about computer control I will block you! 

I don't usually accept giftcards because I already have a huge amazon giftcard balance that I can't spend down! If you can ONLY pay via Amazon you can ask me if I'm taking gift cards, sometimes I'll make you pay more for a gift card as a penalty for being a broke fuck who can't pay me with real money. 


11. How long does a computer control session last?

Usually between 30 minutes - 1 hour depending on your system, the type of session we are doing, and how fast your internet connection is. If I spend an hour just locking down your computer because it's slow as FUCK then that's your session. If lockdown takes 5 minutes then I'll stay and play a while. It all depends on what we are doing, your computer, and how well you obey and please me.

12. What happens if I freak out and turn my computer off/ end the session?

The session is OVER if you pull the plug at any point. I understand that occasionally the internet connection migh drop, but I do not tolerate "freaking out" and starting over.

13. Can you control my phone during a live session?

Yes! You must install Teamviewer QUICK SUPPORT on your phone and provide the ID to me before we begin. Phone control sessions are $100. 

14. I want to book a session, when do we do the pre-negotiation?

All pre-session negotiation occurs AFTER I have received your payment for the session. There is no point for me in wasting my time doing negotiations for a session you might not book.

15. Do you do PHONE CONTROL of android or iphones?

YES, however each phone has different software requirements. Typically teamviewer QUICK SUPPORT works on most mobile phones. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to research and test exactly what software will work on your phone and inform me BEFORE the session begins. I am not wasting my time with IT set up, you should be prepared and ready for me when we begin.


Click the buttons above to get started. AFTER you pay you will be redirected to SCHEDULE your session with me via an online calendar. Your payment data will be matched to your booking to ensure you have paid for my time.




Follow all Pre-session instructions like teamviewer update and computer restart before EVERY session, not only the first session. 

1. Read the FAQ BEFORE you contact me! I have already answered many of your questions.
2. Contact me directly to arrange a time for our session. I'm a rich bitch who doesn't work, so I'm usually available within an hour or so, but sometimes I'm out partying and will get to you the next day.  When you contact me for the session make sure you list your FETISHES, INTERESTS, AND LIMITS. Give me TWO options in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME that you are available for the session.
3. TRIBUTE the session fee appropriate for the session you desire. Use the PRICING AND OPTIONS section to figure out the expected tribute for the session.
4. Install a remote control desktop sharing software such as Teamviewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, TightVNC, Remote Desktop Connection, or any other remote control software you wish to use. If you are using software not listed here tell me before we begin. MAKE SURE YOUR TEAMVIEWER SOFTWARE IS UP TO DATE and running the most recent release. VERIFY THAT YOUR SETTINGS ALLOW FULL ACCESS in Settings > Advanced > Access Control
5. Set your system language or profile to English. If you are unsure how to do this go to Google and type in "How to change [your operating system] to English" and follow instructions. 

6. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER at least 2 hours before the session begins. This is to make sure that all Windows updates are installed and your computer won't need to do any updates DURING our session (which is annoying)

7. At our appointed session time you must EMAIL me your Teamviewer ID and password so that I can login. Once I login I will communicate with you via the chat functionality. Your limits will be respected, then we play ;)


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