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Official Bio

Mistress Harley is a high tech refugee who found her niche in dominating the male gender through innovative high tech means. She holds a B.A. in History and a Masters in Library Science and Information Technology. When not building apps designed for control or writing a variety of books on her BDSM interests, she is living the glam life of a fetish model, sex educator, and professional Dominatrix. In 2018 she released her first album: Techdomme Financial Domination hailed as a true original, even Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse rates Mistress Harley as one of the top 5 rappers of all time. 



I DO NOT charge a booking fee for interviews that take place via phone, skype, or email.

In SELECT CASES I may waive my local Los  Angeles booking fee for press or media appearances. Please INQUIRE

Location Fee (film in my home) $2000

Los Angeles appearance fee: $1000

Travel inside the U.S. fee:        $5000

Travel International fee:          $15,000

Live Musical Performance:     $20,000

My fees include transportation, lodging, and basic costs of living, as well as compensation for my time. I do all my own travel arrangements. 

If you wish to film IN MY HOME a per diem location fee is required to cover insurance, cleaning service, as well as the time and effort required for filming in my home. This location fee is non-negotiable. If you wish to film me at a different location of your arrangement the location fee is not required.

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In Print


"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 50th Anniversary Book Details

Briggs was speaking on the Mistress Harley podcast (as per when he revealed he’d got a deal with Dark Horse to not only reprint his previous book Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In, but a50th anniversary book for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that will feature insight from cast and crew on what it was like to film the now iconic horror movie one hot Summer in 1973."

"It’s also an extremely funny film. Some of the laugh-out loud sequences in Can’t Feel Nothing feature a digital dominatrix, “Mistress Harley,” who can get men to willingly humiliate themselves at her command. For instance, one such man, at her instruction, repeatedly smacks himself in a very sensitive area of the male anatomy."

"researcher and educator Mindy Seu they are inseparable. Her vast project, Cyberfeminism Index – a website and now 600-page publication – began its days as an open-source spreadsheet, and is an illuminating example of the potential for archiving to be collaborative, grassroots and radical...Entries throughout the project illustrate just this; how the internet has come to create new truths and histories in terms of feminist theory and practice. Mindy highlights a subsection of BDSM called “data dominationⓇ”, in this instance enacted by the self-professed “techdommeⓇ” Mistress Harley. This specific act of power play involves granting Mistress Harley remote access to your computer, and therefore everything that exists on it – private information, bank details and images. “While it is meant to be a titillating powerplay, it doesn’t necessarily involve nudity, or the body at all,” says Mindy. “It reveals all of these other vulnerable aspects that are carried on our machines, and allows other people to access and divulge them in some way.”'

"An Art and Political Statement: How Mistress Harley’s Techdomme Reaches a Niche Market and Advocates Empowerment

'I often use my method of TechdommeⓇ to assist in gender transitions, advocate for full sexual freedom among consenting adults, encourage role play and experimentation among people exploring their gender and sexuality, and remind those people that sexual freedom and intellectual freedom are important human rights,' she expounds."

"Financial Domination is Feminist Performance Art says Mistress Harley.

As a Financial Dominatrix, Mistress Harley advocates feminism within her Techdomme and beyond. In a world where women are still fighting for equality, Harley is using her platform to open up a conversation about female empowerment."

"According to Mistress Harley, power exchange is the key to her art because it allows women to see a reversal of societal norms and tap into their true potential. By learning from her experiences with men, women can foster an environment where a healthy exchange of power can occur, let go of their inhibitions and take control. This is the key to unlocking their true strength and power. Relationships where a woman also asserts dominance create a balanced and healthy environment and a challenge to the existing paradigm that often defines male and female relationships."

‘It might be hard to imagine, but just like any other kind of fandom there is a large fandom community for adult content on Twitter,” Mistress Harley, a tech dominatrix, said."

"Harley said she sees the issue of adult content moderation on Twitter as one of accountability. "I do not see any reason that any anonymous person should be able to post adult content, the lack of accountability for the people posting is what leads to an environment where people feel that they can get away with posting illegal content," she said. "Pornography is not illegal or prohibited by law in the USA, so there is no reason platforms should be universally banning legal adult content while claiming to purge reprehensible illegal content."


"it's not crazy to think they might be pulling in £10,000 for the most attractive stars, however those nudes get leaked fairly often and quickly so I doubt they continue to make as much money in the second or third month once everyone has seen everything."

"Sexpert Mistress Harley said: “Reality TV stars find themselves with an online following and of course want to cash in on their fame, even if it is short lived."

"I would argue that any engagement in illegal activity is the obvious line, as defined by law. Fantasy is the realm of sex work. Sex workers are no more responsible for how people consume their art than any other artist is.” 

"The wide-ranging topics of conversation, according to a rep, include the definition of a "Techdomme," messing with smart homes, 2257 compliance, censorship, screening "slaves," legal debt contracts and more."

"Some people fetishize being exposed in this manner, which is why Harley runs, a website where men pay to have their images and videos shared with the public.

Harley said that it's so common for clients to request this, she has a section on her website explaining that clients that want to be filmed have to sign a model release form and share a picture of their ID."


"While financial domination is a sexual fetish, it doesn't actually involve having sex. "There is absolutely no sex and usually no touching of any kind involved," explains Mistress Harley. "This is a submissive person giving me money because it gives me pleasure to receive it and them a pleasure to give it."​

"Harley told Motherboard. "If you know that people would rather steal from you than pay for your content and encourage you to keep making more content, it does reduce the work I'm willing to put into content."

“Why do giant, billionaire, male-centric companies like Pornhub get away with it? It really offends me that Pornhub says they can pay their models via PayPal, when that transaction may endanger a model’s account,” said Mistress Harley.

“The ThotAudit is about more than reporting sex workers to the IRS,” Mistress Harley, who works online under the name The Techdomme, told Playboy via email. “It's about getting our platforms shut down, crippling our income, and reporting us to the variety of services that are generally adult-unfriendly. The IRS is just the threat that has gotten the most attention because no one likes an audit. I think the real damage being done is when girls get their payment sources shut down. The incels who are behind the ThotAudit are also advocating to report sex workers to PayPal, Venmo, Circle, Square, and any other payment providers who are not adult services-friendly.”

"We are connected outside of kink, which gives her unique leverage. She's also smarter than me, so I can't talk my way out of anything and her decisions are always better than my own."

As [the] techdomme, her clients beg her to ‘dominate my computer’, and let her take control of their devices by downloading remote-access software that will allow her to browse and download content."

"Mistress Harley, who holds a master’s in library science and information technology and worked for many years in the tech industry, takes over her servants’ entire tech-based life in order to scratch whatever kinky itch they have—humiliation, exposition, crossdressing, or financial domination. This includes but is not limited to: accessing their social media, banking, email, and porn history.​"

"He says he signed a legally binding agreement that requires him to pay Mistress Harley $15,000 over 10 years, plus interest, with payments due on the fifth of every month. That’s about the extent of their interaction, he says, and if he wants to talk to her on the phone, there’s a charge for that. (“I’ll talk about anything for $5 a minute,” says Mistress Harley, a former librarian and technical project manager with a master’s degree in library science from San Jose State University."

"Though Ben is one of Mistress Harley's most extreme clients, he is one of dozens of men who pay her to meddle in his life. Mistress Harley, who markets herself online as "the tech domme," makes her living as a specialized kind of financial dominatrix. The niche profession has increasingly attracted smart, tech-savvy women looking to cash in on men's desires to be dominated - not physically, but where it really hurts: in their wallets."

"she has become the most recognizable public face of findom"

"As a techdomme, her clients beg her to ‘dominate my computer’, and let her take control of their devices by downloading remote-access software that will allow her to browse and download content "

"She can make up to $10,000 a day using basic IT tools and lightweight hacking to control men who get a thrill from being extorted, humiliated and, basically, ripped off. Financial domination is nothing new, but Harley has created a niche for herself, using skills she picked up working in software development in Silicon Valley."

"Mistress Harley is the world’s first and only “techdomme”, and uses her finely tuned tech skills to sell a very modern brand of kink: data domination. With her reputation for highly competent and permanent domination, she's now training other female tech experts to follow her lead."

"My clients actively seek me out and give me full permission to access their bank accounts, so I don't feel bad that I am taking their money, if I don't then someone else will."

"This enterprising young woman is revolutionizing what it means to work from home."

"After five years of working as a project manager, Mistress Harley decided to leave her career in tech to pursue her new found interest. She noticed there was a gap in the market and used her technical knowledge, gained from her master's degree in library science and information technology, to start her own business."

"Mistress Harley is a new breed of dominatrix. Instead of physically controlling her clients' bodies, she earns thousands of pounds a day without even meeting them. Welcome to the world of 21st century submission..."

  • Reveal "Real Lives". Reveal Magazine, June 14th, 2016. United Kingdom. In PRINT.

  • Online Version

"Harley has access to intimate details about Jerry, his spending habits, and his personal conversations. She even knows a lot about his friends from when they unknowingly divulge gossip in emails or texts. If information is power, then Mistress Harley has all the power."


"The phenomenon tech Domination is still new and the scene...The increasing interconnectedness of the world and the resulting ability to be online to do business expected to grow in power, however, quickly."



"Financial Domination and Blackmail play... are very misunderstood within our lifestyle. Mistress Harley expains that it is really all about the consent and that is really all that matters"

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