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Bimbos Building Bimbos
Gender Transition Training
with Mistress Harley




Mistress Harley knows how easily a "fetish" for crossdressing and sissy porn can turn into a full time obsession. Do you think about being a girl all the time? Do you constantly buy sissy clothes and then throw them away? Binging and purging your gender issues will not make them go away. You need to accept your gender identity and explore it fully. For some that might mean integrating gender presentation changes in subtle and non-intrusive ways. For others that might be exploring surgical and hormonal options to assist in transition. I do not believe in a binary. I believe that people often conform to social expectations rather than their inner desires to express their true self. 

I am in favor of males who want to transition to NB or female genders and I am DELIGHTED to help!

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Have you been thinking that gender transition is something you want to expolore? Maybe you thought it was a fetish that has progressed to something you think about all the time. I specalize in assisting Males transition to non-binary (NB or "enby") and female gender identities. I can help you in your journey to set a schedule for you, help you find trans positive doctors, trans positive services and support systems, and hold you accoutable in your transition. 

For a Weekly Fee I will check in with you daily, give you daily and weekly assignments based on your goals, and help you find the services you need to make your gender transition a reality.

Get a 30 minute voice call to discuss your transition desires, practical questions, and establish

what you are seeking in your gender transition journey. 

For a Weekly Fee I will check in with you daily, give you daily and weekly assignments based on your goals, and help you find the services you need to make your gender transition a reality.

Many males find chastity useful as a tool to support their gender transition as well as the practical effects of shrinkage that occur when muscle atrophy of the male genitalia occurs.

You can get plastic numbered locks from me, send me your keys, get a lock from me (I send you the lock only and keep the keys) or use a device like the Cellmate. 

I send you the lockbox with the keys pre-locked inside. The lock will be with the box so you can lock yourself in. The lockbox can only be opened when I provide you with the code! 

Gender Transition Encouragement Videos


1. How can you help me gender transition?

We can discuss your goals, what you have done so far on your own, and how to break down the steps to move towards your goals. 


2. Will my dick really shrink in Chastity?

Just like any muscle, if you restrict it's use it will atrophy over time. 


3. How far have you helped someone gender transition?

I  have lots of experience helping people transition to female or non-binary gender identities. I am NOT a doctor, nor do I provide medical advice. However once we have discussed your goals I can direct you to the medical professionals who are best able to assist you with the practical aspects of medications, cosmetic surgery, or even medical castration,  and penectomy.

4. What if I change my mind?

Gender transition can be as simple as cross dressing or as complex as medical gender reassignment. Each person is an individual and there is no "one size fits all" for a person who is exploring their gender identity. I am fine with helping you explore even if in your exploration you decide that you don't want to take some steps. 

5. I want you to FORCE me to transition. Can you make me?

While no one can "make" you do anything we can of course set up a schedule for progress and consequences for failure. Some people find monetary consequences motivating. Others prefer to be "outed' as trans so it is more difficult to go "back in the closet." We can absolutely discuss the kind of commitment mechanisms that will create an environment in which transitioning is easier to do than the consequences of failure. Only with negotiation and consent of course. 

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