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As an expert in Mesmerize I will have you melting and mind fucked with just a whisper of my sultry seductive voice. I love to turn you into a stroking zombie for my amazing H cup tits and my fantastic ass. While you're in a vulnerable trance I implant commands, subliminal messages, and further control to make sure that you are always helplessly addicted, always MINE.


Mesmerize Sessions


I can pull you under my spell online via Skype or in person. My Niteflirt lines are also quite popular for my Hypno slaves. 


I can use Mesmerize and mind control techniques to further your obsession with me, turn you into a sissy boy, help you quit smoking, lose weight, and so much more.


Listen to my voice...

Breathe deep...


Mesmerize Brainwash Videos


Ass Zombie: You MUST OBEY My Ass! 

Brain Reprogramming Mesmerize JOI

Brainwash Hypno Chastity: Your Limpdick Belongs to ME.

Findom Mesmerize

Mesmerize for 10 Minutes: I'm Inside your Mind

Hypno Slave RELEASE

OBEY my huge tits! Big Tit Mesmerize SPH JOI

Sissy Hypnosis 1: Your Inner Self

Sissy Hypnosis 2: Going Deeper into your Inner Sissy Fag Self

Sissy Brainwash Training 1


1.Is Hypnosis Real?

A: Watch one of my videos, or book a skype session with me to find out. Most of my zombie hypno slaves end up going into a trance quite easily once they listen to my seductive voice and are overcome with the powerful images of my body.

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