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You want to experience the Thrill of losing control of your private information. It's a fantasy that just won't go away. There are so many ways to play with the fantasy of giving up control. We can draft an agreement between us that allows me to use your private information as I see fit.  This fantasy is always fun to integrate with Computer Control, Phone Control, or other games


Information Surrender

Give me control, send me your personal information, sign a contract, play a game, watch a video. I don't care how you do it, I just want to know everything about you. Once you CONSENT in writing to an information exchange you become MINE until I'm done with you! 

  • Tribute $100 with the Contract Below.


Computer Control   $75- $100

Phone Control                   $100

Twitter Exposure                 $50

NSFW Page Exposure         $50

Information Game              $50


Information Control Videos



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1.Why do I have to pay first? You should be able to use my information to MAKE me pay! 

A: In my experience people who say this can not actually afford to pay me, regardless of how much I expose them. There is no point in me spending my time on a broke bitch who doesn't follow the rules, respect that my time is valuable, and enter into this kind of by PROVING they are worth controlling. If you're a broke bitch who wants to be exposed, I am not going to waste my time giving you what you want for free. My time is valuable. 

2.How can you use my information?

A: Once you provide your information to me we can enter a consensual agreement for the conditions that would cause the publication and release of your information. Think of me as your personal information manager. 

Based on what we negotiate we can specify the circumstances that your information might be published, released, or shared with the people you know as a commitment mechanism toward your greater desires. This is an arrangement that you will pay for and consent to in writing. 

3.How can I end an Information Management Agreement?

A: We can agree to a termination fee of your contract if at any point you would like to terminate your information management with Mistress Harley. These clauses are typically called "buy out" clauses. 

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