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Give me control, send me your personal informaiton, sign a contract, play a game, watch a blackmail video. I don't care how you do it, I just want to know everything about you. Once you CONSENT to Blackmail you become MINE. Until I'm done with you! 

  • Tribute $100 with the Contract Below.



Contact me Directly for a Blackmail Session involving any of the ways I manage to get your information:


Computer Control          $65

Phone Control                $100

Twitter Exposure             $40

NSFW Page Exposure      $25

Blackmail Game                $50



You want to experience the Thrill of BLACKMAIL. It's a fantasy that just won't go away. There are so many ways to play with blackmail. I am always happy to draw up a custom Blackmail Contract (after tribute of course) to address all your disgusting perverted needs. Blackmail is always fun to integrate with Computer Control, Phone Control, or other games

Blackmail Videos

Blackmail Baby Steps: mail me your fantasies

Blackmail Bitch JOI: Send me your picture and stroke

Blackmail Bitch: Instructions on being my bitch

Blackmail Fantasy: No More Baby Steps, Take the Plunge

Blackmail Fantasy: What Happens When You're Mine

Consensual Blackmail Manual: How to Guide for Submissives and Mistresses: Techdomme - The Future of Male Domination III




Ultmate Blackmail Slave: The Harley Phone App

Safe Blackmail: I Probably Can't Use It Against You

I'm going to blackmail you, homewreak you, and make you jerkoff to what I've done!

Easy Blackmail: Babysteps 2

Poppers Intox for Blackmail Sissies Who are Scared

Computer Control Takeover: Findom Rinsing & Blackmail

Poppers, Blackmail, Homewreaker JOI: The Complete Mind Fuck

Mistress Harley Blackmails youMistress Harley Blackmails you

Mistress Harley Blackmails You 2: Exposed to Friends and Family


1.How Long Does Blackmail Last?

A: Until I fucking say! That's why it's BLACKMAIL. 

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